Whitehorse: the Wilderness City

Situated on the wild river which gives the Yukon its name, Whitehorse is a place which will make you want to drop your GPS and follow the trail of adventure. The city grows at a steady rate while maintaining wilderness at its doorstep. It is one of the few cities in the world which takes pride in its natural abundance and has worked its way around mountains, lakes and rivers. A quaint yet vibrant neighbourhood, this part of Whitehorse is a hub of activities for those who call it home. There are colorful festivals and events planned throughout the year so there’s never a dull moment for those that live here (unless you want one of course).

Tourism, mining and the government sector are the chief employers that help Whitehorse maintain a steady economic pace and also make it lucrative for new businesses. Downtown Whitehorse bustles with entertainment and shopping. But why settle for passing time downtown, when there are great sights and natural wonders at your doorstep? Whitehorse is the perfect place to experience the beautiful Canadian outdoors.

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Whitehorse is the educational hub of Yukon, where one can find great schools in the neighbourhood. The gem of Yukon’s education, Yukon college, sits proudly in downtown Whitehorse and is set to soon become a university.


You can choose between modern entertainment and sightseeing the wilderness. Whitehorse has endless spectacles and places of interests that can be enjoyed by foot, by canoe, by boat cruise and by floatplane.


Daycares, playgrounds and a well connected bus transit system make Whitehorse a work conducive city. The Whitehorse General Hospital offers Yukoners easy access to medical consultation.


Whitehorse has a stable environment that is home to diverse businesses and highly educated young professionals. A low unemployment rate and high per capita income are attractive features of Whitehorse’s economy.

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For sale $259,900
Lot 29 WAR EAGLE WAY, whitehorse, Yukon

Lot 29 War Eagle Way

Whitehorse, Yukon

RE/MAX Action Realty
For sale $99,000
15 ARCTIC CHIEF PLACE, whitehorse, Yukon

15 Arctic Chief Place

Whitehorse, Yukon

RE/MAX Action Realty
For sale $208,000
202-105 TITANIUM WAY, whitehorse, Yukon

202-105 Titanium Way

Whitehorse, Yukon

880 sqft
RE/MAX Action Realty
For sale $599,000
3 FRASER ROAD, whitehorse, Yukon

3 Fraser Road

Whitehorse, Yukon

RE/MAX Action Realty
For sale $98,000
1033 3RD AVENUE, dawson city, Yukon

1033 3rd Avenue

Dawson City, Yukon

778 sqft
RE/MAX Action Realty
For sale $988,500
MIDNIGHT SUN HOTEL, dawson city, Yukon

Midnight Sun Hotel

Dawson City, Yukon

13994 sqft
RE/MAX Action Realty